Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Follie Check and Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!! I just want to say Thank You to all the Military Service Men and Women for the dangerous job you do! I can't believe it has been a year since I got out!

Next, I had my last follie check for IVF #2 this morning. When we were driving to the appointment we passed Dr. R on the road. I guess he lives right down the street from us. He has a sweet little BMW convertible. He was driving with the top down today enjoying the gorgeous weekend we are having!

So, once we got into the ultrasound room he told me that my E2 hadn't really changed much since yesterday so that was an indication to him that I was ready to trigger. He measured my follies and said that my largest yesterday was 19 and it had grown to 23 today. He said that I had a few large ones and a few smaller ones that we may be able to get mature eggs out of. I am hoping that we get at least 10 so that I will have options for a FET if this doesn't work.

He gave us the go ahead to trigger tonight at 7:45 and my ER will be on Wednesday morning at 7:45. That is awesome because that means that I get to rest all day and it means that I don't have to go very long without eating. I am really excited to get this show on the road. I am still freaking out about the enema though.

After the appointment Mr. P and I decided to go take a walk along the Canal. I really have to start remembering to bring my camera when we go places so I can truely remember the experience. We didn't walk the entire thing, we actually only made it about half way before we turned around. It was nice today, but pretty humid and I was sweating! Downtown Richmond has some pretty neat stores and restaurants and we will definitely be back to enjoy the nightlife scene!

Before we left we decided to have lunch in a local diner called River City Diner. It was so good!! I have read reviews about the place in a few Richmond magazines, and I can honestly say they didn't do the place justice. I think I have found a new place to go for Sunday brunch's as this place was amazing! I had a crab cake, eggs, grits, and a pancake, while Mr. P had some country plate. It was soo good! I didn't eat it all, but I ordered with the intention of trying a few bites of everything and I am so glad I did! Everything was delicious!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

2nd Follie Check for IVF #2

I had my second follie check for IVF #2 today. Mr. P was able to go with me today since it's a Sunday. He did however have football practice (rec league) before my appointment so he was sweaty and gross. If I had been thinking, I would have at least brought him a clean shirt to change into. Oh well!  I got to see Dr. R today because it is his weekend to be on call. I always forget how different the two of them are and I sometimes wonder how they can be in a practice together. Dr. R just has so much more personality and offers you (the patient) so much more information without you having to ask for it.

I wasn't surprised to hear that everything grew from Wednesday because I have been having serious pains on my right side where my ovary is. I didn't ask how many follies I had, but Dr. R said I had a good number. He felt that I could trigger today or tomorrow but just like last time if we wait till tomorrow we will likely get more mature eggs.   My lining is up to 12 now and I have the triple thing (whatever that is).  My e2 is 2900 which Dr. R doesn't think will cause me a problem if I stim for one more night. Next check is tomorrow morning!

I haven't really been that nervous this cycle, but for some reason as soon as we walked into the clinic today my stomach turned over. I don't know why, I guess because we are now closer to the end of this cycle it's becomming more of a reality. Or I'm still just fearing that damn enema! I hate doing that.

Earlier this week Mr. P's sister had text us that if the baby doesn't come on his own she was going to be induced on Thursday the 2nd of June. Yesterday morning Mr. P was on the phone with his mom and I overheard him say "she said he was coming and she had to go, so I'm calling to find out what's going on". Turns out his sisters dog jumped off of her bed and hurt himself. She was saying that the vet was coming so she had to go. Do you know that hearing him say that to his mom almost put me into cardiac arrest!

We found out that Mr. P's sister was pregnant with her second child in October. Considering that we started trying for a baby of our own after her first son was born in 2007, I really wanted to be pregnant before her second son arrived. Since that obviously isn't going to happen, I at least wanted to be past my ER before her son arrived. I almost died when I thought she had already had the baby and I wasn't really any step further to being a mom. I know that's stupid, but at times I really feel like everyone else is moving on and I'm standing still. ::SIGH::

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Date Night!

I love when Mr. P and I get to have date nights. I think it's very important to our relationship that we continue to do go out and do things as a couple that we would do if we were just dating. Obviously we do a lot of things just the two of us, but I think it's special to just take time to go out on an actual date, and not out to run errands.
So tonight we went out for Sushi and then we went to go see the Hangover 2. The Sushi was good, but I can honestly tell you that I don't think I will go back to that place. My reasoning has nothing to do with the food, but more with their selection. I guess I have been spoiled when it comes to sushi and I expect to go into a sushi restaurant and see a vast variety of items on the menu. This place was had an extremely limited menu and it seemed to be more a type of place for a novice sushi eater. I did enjoy it, but I won't be back.
The Hangover 2 was awesome!! The theater was packed and somehow I eneded up picking out the last two seats in a row full of high school boys. I felt kinda weird watching some of the penis shots next to a 16/17 year old boy who had to have a parent get them in. All in all, date night tonight was great!
Tomorrow we have our next follie check and I guess I will find out how our IVF cycle is progressing this far. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Holy CM Batman!

There are quite a few things I remember from IVF #1 that prepared me for IVF#2. I remember the enema, I remember being uncomfortable the morning of the ER. I remembered how much the Menopur burned, I remembered how much I spotted while on BCP's, and I remembered how my face broke out so bad that I looked like I belonged in a high school freshman English class. What I don't remember is having this much CM!
I honestly have so much CM that I feel like I am peeing on myself ALL DAY LONG! I do NOT remember this from last time. I remember having CM for like a day or two, but it wasn't this bad. It was more prominent than a natural cycle but nothing like this. I finally had to start wearing a liner. This doesn't help the feeling of me peeing on myself, but at least my clothing is staying dry this way. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Follie Check was today

I had my first follie check this morning for IVF#2. Dr. T only measured my largest 6 which range from 10-12mm each. I was a bit dissapointed that I'm not stimming as well this cycle as last time, but I'm trying to stay positive.  I didn't ask what my E2 was but my Dr. T said everything looked great. He thinks that we will only get about 8 eggs this time but he keeps reminding me its quality that matters.

My new instructions are are drop the Follistim down to 125 and add in the Menopur starting tonight. They don't want me back till Sunday which makes me a bit uneasy. I really wish they would check me on Friday also, but I guess they know what they are doing. If I start to feel really uncomfortble I will ask to go in on Friday just to be checked. As of today we are still on track for an ER on May 31st.I am really curious if it will happen or if they are going to have me go an extra day like last time. I guess I will find out on Sunday.

 For some reason this cycle seems to be going so much faster than last time and I'm starting to get excited! Another good thing that came out of our appointment today, was that  we found out that the IVF center will bill our insurance for the Anasthes (sp) fees! That is super exciting since our insurance will pay over half of it. Well, I'm about to go take my injections for tonight then head off to the Resolve meeting. I will see how that goes tonight and determine if this will be my last meeting.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend

Mr. P and I had such a wonderful weekend. Friday night we went to see The new Pirates of the Caribbean (sp) movie, Saturday we went golfing, and then today I had a spa day. It was so relaxing and nice to just spend the weekend doing stuff we enjoy and spending time together. I guess it was more relaxing for me since Mr. P didn't go to the spa, but I had a great weekend!

 I am on day three of stims right now and I'm feeling good. For some reason I have a really good feeling about this cycle. Much better than I did for IVF #1. I don't know if it's because of the shared risk and know that we will have tries left after this, or if its just because I'm in a better place now then I was for IVF #1. Whatever the reason, I am feeling really good about things right now and for that I am thankful!

My first follie check is on Wednesday. That is also the day that we have our next resolve meeting. Mr. P thinks that this should be our last meeting. I don't know. I think it will depend on how this cycle goes. If it is a BFN, I might want the support of the meetings again. I really like having a place to talk about things, but our group leader seems a bitter. It's nice to talk to her because she has been helpful in finding ways to express my feelings to Mr. P (she is a licenses social worker with her MSW), but at the same time she always compares her IVF cycle to mine. Its really weird. Mr. P doesn't think she is ready to lead a support group, but who knows. I guess we'll see how Wednesday goes and decide from there.

Monday, May 16, 2011

1st Trip to the Driving Range

A week ago today Mr. P informed me that he had scheduled us for a Tee time on Saturday. Because Mr. P doesn't have many friends here, I have occassionaly been asked to participate in activities with him that he would rather do with a male buddy. However since that option is not available, I get the pleasure of accompanying him. Well, since I am not a golfer, this of course meant that I needed golf outfits and my own set of clubs. So, last week, I got a two new golf outfits (a girl needs options) and a new set of clubs.
Unfortunately for Mr P, we had horrible storms this past weekend and we had to reschedule our Tee time. We did however make it to the driving range. Boy do I suck!! Mr. P told me that I was uncoachable, and I determined that I am going to secretly take golf lessons so I can kick his ass! There are weekly clinics on Thrusday nights all summer and that is exactly where I am going to be. I can't wait to see the look on his face when I open that first can of whip ass on him out on the greens!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lovin Lupron

So after Mr. P revealed that the Lupron was making me crazy during our last cycle, I am trying to do everything I can to ensure that this time I don't let it get to me. I think in general I was extremely stressed out about our entire IVF cycle in February. Not to say that I'm not stressed out this time, but last cycle I was so concerned with how much money we were spending. This time we are spending way more - $17.000 more, but we know it will work, or we will get our money back. That is what has taken the stress -some of it anyway, away.
So I am now on Day 7 of the Lupron and I am loving it! HA!! I hate the night sweats I get while on Lupron and they always start for me on day 2. I literally wake up soaked to the point where I look like I have just finished an extreme workout. It is disgusting! I haven't really had headaches yet this cycle, and I really hope that they stay away.
So, in order to keep our minds off of the IVF we are tying to stay super busy this cycle so we aren't sitting at home thinking about it. Last night we were going to go out and watch a movie. I was super excited because Bridesmaids was released yesterday. Well, Mr. P took FOREVER to get ready. We had planned to leave the house at 6:50, get to the theater by 7:00, and the show started at 7:15. Well, we didn't leave till 7:00 and when we got to the theater the line was crazy long. So, we wait in line and what do you know, the couple in front of us gets the last two tickets! SOLD OUT! I was convinced (sp) that Mr. P took his sweet time getting ready in order to miss this movie. So, what are we doing tonight?? We will be leaving the house at 6:45 to ensure that we are seated with snacks and all by 7:00 cuz we are going to see this movie!
The only thing that did come out of last night was that I got a new set of golf clubs! They are super cheap - from Wally World, but Mr. P said that if I play at least five times this year then he will agree to let me get a better set. I am excited mostly because they are pink!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

IVF #2 is a Go!

So I finally started my Lupron yesterday and I am officially on my way with IVF #2. I am pretty nervous as we will be participating in our clinics Shared Risk Program so this is going to cost us $22,000 + Meds. I am freaking out because this is the most we have ever paid for anything in our lives. I am freaking out, but I am excited because I know that we will either get the money back, or finally get our baby. I am nervous and also excited all at the same time.