Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sexy Time isn't so Sexy

Mr. P and I are trying to get me pregnant, and we have been in the kitchen a long time trying to make this dough. We started almost three years ago and in that time I have tried all sorts of home remedies like eating pineapple core, drinking green tea, taking mucinex, I could go on. This time last year, we were even going through intrauterine inseminations to try to conceive (TTC). Well none of that has worked. So, right now we are back to trying it the good ole' fashioned way until we either succeed on making that bun, or figure out what direction we want to take next. So,  one of the methods that we use to track my cycle is the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor (CBEFM), and I occasionally chart on Fertility Friend. Sunday night I had a feeling that I was getting close to ovulating so I told Mr. P that we would have to figure something out for this week. Well as I hobbled to the bathroom today I decided that I would try the monitor to see where I am in my cycle. What do you know, I got a peak. So this tonight will be "sexy time" however instead of wearing this....

I will be wearing this.....

Sexy time isn't going to be so sexy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

When you marry him, you marry his family...

So I know that we have all heard this before, but that doesn't necessarilly mean that we actually paid attention to it prior to getting married. Or, maybe you were like me in that you never really got the chance to met your SO family prior to getting married. Because I can guarantee that had I spent enough time around Mr. P's sister before we got married that he might have grown to dislike me due to my constant shit talking about her. In fact, it's not just her, it's kinda his own family. I understand how crappy I sound right now, but I honestly feel like I have good reason not to like them! It's not even something like I can't get along with his family, we get along great. I just don't like the way they treat my SIL like she is the best thing since sliced bread, and yet Mr. P is just there. The problem with that, Mr. P is by far the best thing since sliced bread in that family, and I'm not even just saying that because I'm married to him. I would love to go into detail after detail of what my SIL does that makes her such a douche, but I know that she will give me plenty of oppurtunity as I continue to blog so I will just talk about the instance that is behind this whole post.
I tore my achilles about two weeks ago and just had surgery last week. As much as I hate to admit it, this is a pretty bad injury that is going to require a lot of rehab, physical therapy, and resting with my leg up. Mr. P's family knows this. Mr. P's birthday is at the end of the month. We were supposed to be going home to my parents house at the end of the month, but due to my injury there is no way that I would make in on an airplane that far that soon. That trip was cancelled. So, SIL decided that she wants everyone to come to her house that weekend and really wants Mr. P and myself to come. SIL lives four hours away.
Here are the things that bother me. SIL and her husband have been to our house two times EVER!! Mr. P's parents, three times. We always drive there. Untill last year, we lived 14 hours away. We still drove there three times a year at least, and flew in at least 3 times a year as well. We have invited them down numerous times since we have been closer, and we have way more space at our house than they do. We have turned down one invitation to their house ever. ONE!
Don't you think that under the circumstance of me being injured and it being the weekend of Mr. P's birthday that they could make the four hour trek here? Is that so unreasonable? In my opinion it is completely selfish of his sister. She won't come. It's more "convenient" for her to have us come there. Wow, that is all I can say, is wow. Mr. P, as nice as he is, is feeling guilty that we can't/aren't going up there. I just think it's pretty rude of her to not consider anyone else but herself and her family in this. If it was even close to even on how many times we travel to each others houses, I could see. But on this trip, I'm putting my good foot down.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Overly Exposed

That is the only way I can even describe how I fee right now. Overly Exposed. Today is the third day after my operation and I am still relying heavily on Mr. P. He is doing almost everything for me. I can feed myself and take myself to the bathroom, and that is about it. He is fixing my meals, he is giving me baths, he is getting my medications for me, and he is running my errands for me. I can't really say that it bothers me that I have to rely on Mr. P, but I can say that it bothers me to be so exposed. As dumb as this may sound, I feel like a boundary has been crossed in what Mr. P is supposed to see and know about me. While I may be taking myself to the bathroom now, two days ago I wasn't. Mr. P has now been exposed to that. To make matters worse, quess which lovely relative is in town? That's right, Aunt Flo!
I know this is stupid because I am married to him and your husband will see you these ways throughout your marriage, but I never anticipated that would happen before I was giving birth to our child. I feel stupid even thinking it, but this is not how I want my husband to see me. In fact, I can't even imagine how he can look at me in a sexual way again after what he has been exposed to this week.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

In Sickness and in Health

I have to say that I think this is one part of our vows that I think Mr. P is hating right now, because I am in a way sick. No, I'm not terminal nor do I have any type of disease I am just not healthy and am having to depend on Mr. P for a lot of things right now.
Two Sundays ago while I was playing volleyball with my adult league team, I tore my achilles tendon. Since then I have had to depend on Mr. P to do a lot for me. Well, more than a lot, damn near everything. I have been confined to my bed and am really only supposed to get up if I have to go to the bathroom. He brings me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He runs my bath, washes my back and my hair, he helps me get dressed, and he even helps me to the bathroom. Well yesterday I had surgery to repair my torn tendon. Needless to say I was groggy, uncomfortable, and extremely bitchy. When we got home for some reason I flipped out. I really could not tell you why. I will never admit that to Mr. P he can ready the blog and see it, but I'm not going to say it to him, but we got in a nice argument about it. I felt as though he should just ignore my complaints because I'm injured. I tore my damn achilles tendon. I will be in a freaking cast for at least another week, and I will be in a walking cast/boot for two months, then I will start physical therapy for however long that takes. Damn, he could be understanding. He thinks that I need to get over myself and look at everything he has done and is doing for me. Well, maybe he's right but I'm hurt. I need sympathy and someone taking care of me, and feeling sorry for me, and dealing with my bitchyness!

About Us

I am A and I am married to Mr. P - I would love to say that Mr. P is for Mr. Perfect, but lets get real, his first name starts with a P.  Mr. P and I met six years ago when we were in the Army's Transportation Officer Basic Course in Fort Eustis, Virginia. I like to think that we are pretty lucky beceause Mr. P was in the National Guard at the time and I was on Active Duty. This is one of the only schools that the Army has where it mixes the Reserves, National Guardsmen, and Active Duty personnel together.
I would love to say that when I met Mr. P it was love at first sight for both of us and we started dating right then and there and have never been apart since, but that would be a lie. When I first laid eyes on him I thought he was gorgeous and I made up my mind that he was going to be my conquest. In other words, I turned getting him into a game that was going to win. Unfortunately for me I was in a realationship at the time, and so was he. I knew this, because I'm a nosey bitch, and I asked him.

I happened to be names "squad leader" and Mr. P was in my squad. So I went around asking all my squad members about themselves so that I could get to know them. Not that I really cared about anyone except Mr. P, but I couldn't be that obvious. So, I learned that he had a girlfriend - who I pictured in my mind to be a petite, cute, burnette - and that he was going to spend the weekend with his sister and her new husband. I also learned that he was from West Virginia.
Now, I'm from Kansas, so I am very aware of the false sterotypes that exist. That doesn't mean that I don't believe other sterotypes that are out there about other states. All I knew and believed at that time about West Viginia is that the people there were racist. So, when Mr. P said that he was from West Virginia, I decided that as hot as he was, and as much of a conquest I had already determined he would be, his cute, petite, burnette could keep him.
Well over the rest of our 6 month course I never really talked to Mr. P that much. I became friends with two of his good friends and I would hang out with them, and he would just be there. Kind of like the third wheel, but there were four of us, and I was the only girl. I never really talked to him though in fact, I actually wondered if he did talk because he was always so damn quiet. Well one night we all went out and Mr. P was buying me drinks all night. About halfway through the night I got sick of the guys running interference anytime a guy would come talk to me so I decided that I was going to walk home. Mr. P offered to walk me home and when he did he told me that if my boyfriend and I ever broke up he would love to take me out. The next day I dumped my boyfriend and Mr. P and I started hanging out. And that is where it all begins.