Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RPL Testing

I am so excited that I finally got my RPL blood work done today. I don't know why I'm excited about having blood work done, but I am. I'm pretty sure it's because this means that our waiting period is almost over. I made the appointment yesterday and went to LabCorp on my lunch break. I get there have a nice conversation about my insurance with the receptionist, and then go take a seat while she registers me. Next thing I hear is her telling her co-worker that she isn't sure what tests I'm to have done, so she will need to call the doctor’s office to confirm. 15 minutes later they were ready for me. I remembered when I asked the nurse at my doctor’s office about the blood work she stated it was a lot of tests, and it would be a couple of vials of blood. So, when the phlebotomist pulled out the first four vials I was thinking, okay four isn’t that bad. Then she pulled out two more and I was thinking okay, 6 is a lot. Then she pulled out seven more. Then I thought I was going to faint. So, now we wait.
I’m pretty sure that I have just ovulated so that means that we have passed our fertile window for our second month of TTA. We can officially say that we are TTC again and I am so excited and so hopeful of getting my rainbow.