Monday, April 11, 2011

Shared Risk or FET

If I said that part of me wasn't expecting our first IVF to fail, I would be lying. For some reason I always had a feeling that we would be successfull on #2 or #3. I don't know why. So, why then was I so shocked/upset when our first IVF failed? Probably because my believing that IVF #1 would fail was my defense mechanism because I was so scared.
Well now that IVF #1 is behind us, and our break cycle is almost over, we are trying to decide what to do next. When we initially started the IVF's, we had decided that we were going to do three IVF's and if they didn't work we would move on. Three was the magic number because that was the number our insurance covered at 50%. We didn't even really look into the Shared Risk program our clinic offers, and I'm not quite sure why. So, when this first IVF cycle failed and the nurse called to tell us what to do next to get ready for the FET, I started to wonder if the FET was going to be the best option for us.
With our clinics Shared Risk program you get 4 fresh IVF cycles and as many FET's as you have frozen embryos' to transfer. Of course there is a bunch of criteria that you have to meet to get into the program and one of those criteria is that you can't have a failed IVF cycle. Well, I do and I was super scared that they wouldn't let us into the program.
I met with my RE last week and he said that if we wanted to enroll into the program we could, but that he was awestruck that I didn't want to first try to transfer any of my 5 frozen blasts. I think what Mr. P and I are most concerned about is how much money we are spending. We originally thought we were only going to be paying 6K for our portion of the first IVF because we had some insurance coverage. Well, after all is said and done we will be paying about 8K.
Another thing I didn't think about when I was calculating the costs for the three IVF's we were willing to do, was the cost of a FET if we needed to do one since our insurance doesn't cover it. Finally, if I were to have a miscarriage, without shared risk we would have to start all over.
The toll of IVF is so much already I don't want to spend another cycle stressing over how much it's costing us. We have the money saved up, and I really think that best decision would be to do the Shared Risk. I just feel as though everyone at my RE's office is convinced that we should do the FET with two of our 5. Mr. P feels like they just want us to do that to make more money in case the FET doesn't work and then we can do the Shared Risk. I'm afraid that if we do the FET's and they don't work that we are out another 6K (they are 3K each) and that we won't be eligible to do the Shared Risk program.
We haven't completely decided yet, but we are 80%/20% in favor of doing the Shared Risk. My period is due this Friday and the money is due by CD 10 that gives us about five days to decided which way we are going, and if we are doing the Shared Risk, 2 weeks to get our finances together.

30 Days

Wow, I can't believe it's been thirty days since I've posted on here. I gave up being on the computer for more than an hour after work for Lent and I guess that really killed my time to blog about my boring life! So not much has really happened in the last month. We found out that Mr. P isn't going to be able to start on Active Duty as quickly as we had thought if he is even able to start at all. He was originally slated to start in July, but when he had his physical he revealed that he had some back problems. Well, he now has to undergo a medical review board to determine if he can go Active Duty and it looks like the process is going to take a while. If he allowed in, he will have to start with the next class which is in October! That is crazy!

 The only silver lining in this cloud is that he was offered a full time position with the law firm he was doing temp work for! It was actually pretty insane how it all worked out. He found out about the review board last Monday morning, then he got the call about the full time position Monday afternoon. I know he is upset about having to wait to go AD, but I think getting the full time offer helped soften the blow. Not to mention it buys him time if he finds out he is unable to go AD at all.

The thought of him not being able to go AD is met with mixed emotions around here. I am personally sick of moving around. For the last 6 years I was AD and didn't live in any one place for longer than 9 months straight. When I got off of AD last March, I had no idea that Mr. P would want to go AD. However, this is really what he wants. He has already passed the bar in one state and if he isn't able to join the military he would have to take the bar again in the state we currently live in before he could practice here. I don't want him to have to do that.

So that is what's going on with us right now. As far as TTC goes, we are currently trying to decide what do next. We don't know if we want to enroll in our clinics Shared Risk program or if we will do a FET. I will have do another post about that since this one is long enough!