Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Today has been a wonderful day. My parents came into town Wednesday night and my sister, her husband and their daughter came in last night. Having them all here has been great. Today I spent the day cooking with my mom and sister and it was really nice to have a few minutes of "girl time". T said that we made quite the trio, prego (my sister (T), gimpy (me) and huffy (my mom). She said we all had our ailments but together we were a great team. This is the first time I have seen them in a while, and my niece has turned into quite the handful! She is a bundle of energy and is always moving. Not to mention that she is quite the drama queen. It's so cute!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Met with our RE today

We had our appointment with our RE today. Mr. P dropped me off then went to park. 15 minutes later he comes into the office. Apparently he got lost. WOW!! We actually didn't see Dr. R. today which shocked me because that is who we usually see and that is who I made the appointment with. I have seen Dr. T before, I just wasn't expecting to see him. Both Mr. P and I feel that he is a bit weird, but we also both agreed that he seemed pretty normal today. Well, I had a plan in my mind of what I wanted to happen when I went in to see Dr. R today. Obviously, my plan didn't start off well from the beginning as I didn't even see Dr. R. Dr. T looked over our chart and talked about our IUI's and the results of all of our work up test. He said that the only reason he could see that we weren't pregnant was due to the low morp, but he still didn't believe that the morp alone was poor enough to cause the problem.
He asked what we wanted to do and I told him that I really wanted to try one more IUI before we moved on and I explained why, because I'm afraid of IVF. He explained that he wasn't opposed to us doing another IUI, but told us that our chances would be about 15 - 20% with IUI, and 50% with IVF. He addressed all my concerns about IVF and went over the whole process. He answered all of our questions and then asked us again what we thought. This is where I about fainted. Mr. P, said that he felt that we should move on to IVF. I agreed. Dr. T, feeling that it is the most successful treatment also agreed, and that's where we are.
Our biggest obstacle now is making sure of the coverage that we have. I have spoken with our insurance and gotten approval for infertility treatment but I'm worried about the criteria we have to meet for IVF coverage. Our insurance wants us to do three IUI's before moving on to IVF and we have, we just did them with our old insurance. The insurance coordinator for their office is going to check into all of this and find out for us. I guess this could be a minor setback, but there is not point stressing over it now since we can't do anything about it.
We were going to start the BCP today, but our insurance said we needed to do CD3 BW so we have to wait till my next period starts. Surprisingly, Mr. P was a bit upset by this. I just don't understand how he can go from not feeling like we need help getting pregnant to feeling that we should not try IUI again and got to IVF so quickly. Really, I don't get it. So, this is our journey. I have told my sisters and my mom about what we are doing. I don't know how supportive they are, or what all I will tell them about our journey, but at least they know what I will be going through. I guess that's it for now.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


OMG I can't believe it is December already! Time has just been flying by. We really haven't had much change in our lives lately. We went to the Smokey Mountains for Thanksgiving with Mr.P's parents, his sister, her husband, and their son. We wented a cabin and to my surprise we had a great time. I actually caught a cold the Wednesday we left so I was sick the entire time and still had a pretty decent time. Saturday night we went to The Dixie Stampede at Dollywood to watch their Christmas special. It was a really neat experience and I am really glad that I went.
My leg is getting a lot better I started physical therapy the Wednesday we left for the Smokey Mountains also and I can almost put my left foot at a 90 degree angle. This morning I was able to put my foot down on the floor of the shower for the first time in two months. I still have to sit down to shower as I can't stand up yet, but to be able to put my foot down at all was a great feeling! It is at an angle, but at least it's progress.
Mr. P and I had a long talk about trying to conceive. We decided that we would go back to the RE if this cycle doesn't work. Since we switched insurance since the last time we were at the RE we had to get it preapproved again. I was really impressed at how quickly we got it approved, and a bit shocked also. When I called they really just asked me a few questions, and then said I was approved. I thought for sure they were going to make me submit some sort of proof but that wasn't the case.
I called yesterday to schedule our consultation to see where Dr. R wants us to start. When I initially called I talked to the nurse and she wanted to go over our chart with Dr. R before she scheduled our appointment. I have been excited to get back to treatment and nervous at the same time. Last year when we did our last IUI Dr. R mentioned that if this, our third IUI didn't work, we might need to move on to IVF. The nurse called me back and the first thing she asked was if I had ever talked with Dr. R about IVF. My heart sank. With our new insurance we have IVF coverage, but we are to try less costly methods first, which are IUI. I really thought that we were going to be instructed to do three more IUI's before IVF was even on the table. I asked her if we were going to do any IUI's and she told me that they only suggested 3-4 IUI's max prior to moving on to IVF, then she reminded me as if I had forgotten, that I had already done three failed IUI's. She said that I could try another one, but that Dr. R would talk to me about that. I scheduled our consult for Dec 17th which would be after I could start treatment for an IUI if this current cycle failed. I am such a sissy. I am so afraid that he is going to suggest that we move on to IVF, that I intentionally delayed our consultation.
I talked to Mr. P about it and to my complete shock he was okay with everything. I can't tell if it's because he is still holding out hope that we will get pregnant on our own, or if he is just okay with going forward. Personally I think after spending Thanksgiving with his nephew he is just really ready to start a family and is okay with whatever we have to do. Honestly, I was kinda hoping he didn't want to go to IVF yet because I'm scared, but I will just have to accept it. It's not that don't want to do IVF, I'm just scared.
I know you can't live on "what if's", but what if IVF doesn't work. That is really our last chance and I don't know what I would do. To go through all of that and still not have a baby would crush me to pieces. I can't even think about it. So I guess we are really about to start this journey again.