Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Everyday I struggle with things to do with LC outside of the house so that we are not sitting at home every day bored out of our minds. One thing I heard about when I moved back home was this thing called Sing-A-Long with St.eve. Every Tuesday this little coffee shop in town host a childrens hour where one of the owners plays the guitar and sings songs for the children, and then reads them a book. We have been going sporadically since we moved here in January and LC hasn't really taken to it. Generally he sits on my lap while the other children sing and dance around. When he gets bored, he will then take off running back and forth through the cafe while my big fat pregnant ass dodges customers, tables, and chairs running after him.
Well today was different! He only sat on my lap for about 5 minutes total, and he actually got on the floor close to the other children during the "story time". Okay not really on the mat, but pretty close!

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