Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SJs Birth Story

On Sunday May 11th, Mother's Day 2014, I had determined that I was going to go to bed early because I was so tired. LC goes to bed at 7:30 and I had told Mr. P that I was going to go to bed immediately after LC went down. So I was pretty excited when I was in bed at 7:41 pm. I had my Ipad with me because Mr. P and I had decided that we really needed to come up with a name for this baby boy. So we went over a few names and about 8:30 we finally came to a decision. Mr. P and I were watching TV and around 9:40 I decided that I had had enough and that it was time for me to go to sleep. I went to roll over and I felt a sudden gush of discharge. I turn to Mr. P and said "either I just pee'd myself, or my water just broke". Honestly, I thought it was the former as I didn't hear the "pop" I hear so many women speak of when they say their water breaks. So Mr. P asks if I'm sure and I said that I wasn't. I didn't know. So I sat on the edge of the bed afraid to get up, and when I did, there was a wet spot on the bed so I told him I was pretty sure, but still not 100%, but we should probably go to the hospital. So I called my mom and asked her if she wanted me to bring LC to her house, or if she wanted to come to mine. She asked me to bring LC over there so I jumped in shower while Mr. P packed up LC and the dog and off we went.
We got to the hospital a bit after 10:00 and I was fully admitted by 10:30. While I was admitted to the hospital and my water had broken, my nurse let me know that I might get sent home. This was a shock to me because once your water breaks you usually only have 24 hours to deliver. She checked with the on-call doctor and I wasn't leaving. Since I wasn't leaving and I had issues with my epidural not working with LC, I asked for my epidural. The nurse suggested that since I wasn't really having contractions yet that it might be best for me to wait on the epidural until I was uncomfortable. - I still don't understand that, because why the fuck do I WANT to get uncomfortable? But, like a dumbass I listened to her.
Around 2:00 am my contractions had started to pick up so I again asked for the epidural. The nurse checked me told me I was at a 3, 75%, but baby was still really high, so she suggested again that I wait. It was also at this time that she informed me that the dr wanted to start me on pitocin because I was progressing so slowly. I was okay with it, but I wanted my epidural first because I knew how fast I progressed with LC on the Pit and my epidural didn't really work and I didn't want that situation again. My nurse told me that the pit was going to be on the lowest dose, it would take an hour to work, and she would call the anesthesiologist to come as soon as she was done with the emergency c-section that they were doing.  So at 3:00 they started the pitocin. Prior to starting the pit I was able to rest between my contractions but around 3:27, that stopped. I told my nurse that I was uncomfortable and I needed my epidural. Unfortunately everyone was still tied up in that c-section. I was getting pissed and looking over at Mr. P sleeping peacefully didn't help.
4:30 I finally got my epidural and I was so disappointed when they checked me and I was only at 4 cm, and the baby was still really high. Once I got my epidural I laid on my left side and was able to relax. Around 6:00 I noticed that my right side seemed to be feeling everything but my left side was numb. I asked the nurse about this and she contacted the anesthesiologist. Apparently laying on my left side allowed the medicine to pool on that side so they flipped me to my right side and gave me some more drugs, but I was in an extreme amount of pain (on one side of my body) by this point.
I don't remember who it was, but at this point someone had the bright idea to check me. I was already at a 9, and baby was fully engaged. Since I was moaning and groaning in pain I asked if the pain would let up when I was complete and was sad to find out they don't. Evidently I had forgotten that you push with each contraction. So, they got everything ready and by 6:28 I was doing my "practice pushes". At 6:35 the doctor came in and I asked for the mirror. 4 pushes later at 6:43 am SJ was born peeing! My initial reaction was that he was so tiny, but yet his cries were so much louder than his brothers had been.

After everything we went through at the beginning of this pregnancy, I NEVER thought we would get   here. Honestly, that is why I haven't said much about my pregnancy on this blog, is because this whole time I have felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am so greatful that everything
turned out okay and that I have another seemingly healthy little boy to complete our family.

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